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Course Summary

Are you looking to succeed in your current role and take on bigger challenges? Learn how specific tools like setting a role vision and Individual Development Plan can help you set a course for future success. All TEAMES Global leadership training courses are created with busy professionals in mind. We break our content down into short chapters to allow you to fit your coursework around your day. Our engaging videos will lead you through how you can excel in your career and the tailored worksheets enable you to put your learning into immediate practice. You will have 60 Days to complete the course!

Curriculum Overview

Role Vision

This section of the course will help you set a vision, prioritize your time, and deliver results in your current role.

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Individual Development Plan

Once you have a path to success in your current role, we want to help you map out your career development. We will introduce you to an IDP and how it can help you chart a course to develop key skills in preparation for your next career step.

Paper Diary

Worksheets throughout this course will help you put your learnings into practice and ensure you are implementing the best practices that you learn about in each session.

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